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The FSControls Library Version 1.2 contains 3 Controls and one package drawn from
various Internet sites:

  • FSControls\SelectFolderTextBox\SelectFolderTextBox
    Documentation: See details further below.
    Original implementation: see:
  • FSControls\FolderPickerLib\FolderPickerDialog
    Documentation: See details further below.
    Original implementation: wmediacatalog

Please download the source code to read more details about this implementation in contrast to their originals.

The source code comes with simple test applications for each package and control.
Just download it and compile the sources with Visual Studio 2010 (Express).

Folder Picking

Here are some screenshots to give you an idea what folder picking may look (be shure to checkout the screenshots whith the WhistlerBlue) as well:



Each node in the tree view has a pop-up menu that lets you Create, Rename or Delete, folders.

...type into the text path control to use suggestions if you have a path in textual form readily available.


....UNC path notation is also supported in the path control...


  • Each control is tested with the CustomChromeLibrary (ExpressionDark, WhistlerBlue, Generic themes) to ensure that the ability to skin is at its best, but you can also remove the CustomChrome stuff and roll your own...

  • I am thinking about replacing the TreeView control with a more advanced version of my own and replacing the folder browser with this control: A Reusable WPF Autocomplete TextBox (Part 2)

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