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Project Description
This project contains WPF controls that are useful for working with the File System. Currently there is only an auto complete path (like address bar of Windows Explorer) control and a folder pick control (folder TreeView). Both can be used to pick a folder or use UNC path

Please have look at the Documentation page and download the small source package to determine more details.

This package contains a folder picker dialog (aka folder browser, directory picker) out of two separate components that I found on the Internet (see download package for more details). You can use this dialog to select a directory (not open a file) and change the appearance of the skin within some limits:
  • The SelectFolderTextBox (text autocomplete) component is fully skinable

In addition to that we can
  • Change background gradient colors of windows
  • Change rounding of Window edges



The dialog support file system drives and UNC path notation in the auto complete textbox.

Near future plans:

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